Stop Smoking Tip – Stop Now or Go Dead Broke or Plain Dead

Taking the decision to stop smoking is surely the best thing you could do if you have been smoking for any number of years like I was. I always wanted to quit mostly for health reasons and as I was getting older and after 30 plus years as a chain smoker I was starting to feel the damaging effects of my addition.

Although I new I had to quit I did not have the motivation or determination to really go through with it but one day I was sort of forced into it. Let me part with you what did it for me before distribution a few stop smoking tips with you.

I am a Canadian but had been living in the Philippines for a number of years where cigarettes are very cheap; approximately 50 US cents per pack at that time. I had not returned to Canada in a few years so just before going back home on a visit for a few months I bought my allowed two cartons for a bit less than 4 USD each. Two weeks later when I ran out I headed to the convenience store to find out that a pack of 25 sticks would cost me over $9.00 dollars. I almost had a heart attack. Since I was already smoking at least two packs per day I was heading straight for bankruptcy and ultimately going to be DEAD broke.

Now to top it off when I returned to Davao City in the Philippines our now famous Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had decided to make Davao one of the first smoke free city in Asia and was throwing people in jail for breaking the law. So if you were caught smoking in public you would get a fine plus one night in the city jail. Man… was I in trouble then?

I had to quit and fast. I personally took the cold turkey route but I would not recommend this option to anyone because chances of failure are extremely high so here are my stop smoking tips if you want to increase your chance for success they may help you get on the road to dropping the habit for good

  1. Sketch up a list of why you want to quit smoking. A list of clear set of goals in mind will help you stay on track. This way all your good intentions will have a greater chance of succeeding
  2. Decide on a specific date to quit and stick to it. This may be the single most problematic stop smoking tip to follow but it is a very authoritative first step. Don’t be tempted in trying to slowly cut down on your consumption, several researches have shown that most people only tend to smoke more of each single cigarette, keeping their nicotine levels at the same level as if they have not reduced their consumption at all.
  3. Just tell somebody of your decision.
  4. Get rid of everything related to smoking. That includes ashtrays, lighters, and cigarettes obviously.
  5. Never buy a pack of cigarettes with your own money. That means that others would have to supply you with their own packs of cigarettes. Let’s face it: With the high price per pack, others will soon be avoiding you like the plague. Soon, very soon, you’ll become a loner.
  6. Stick Something Else In Your Mouth.
  7. Never carry a pack of cigarettes with you. This means you can not depend on having a cigarette when you need one. This is an effective behavioral change. As a result, you should outgrow the dependence – your crutch, your addiction – over time.
  8. Break a Sweat. It has been said that smoking and exercise don’t get along, so which one would you rather do? A great stop smoking tip that is also helpful to your health is to found an exercise predictable. Exercising regularly will lessen your dependency on nicotine and is guarantee to get you into a much better shape. Cardiovascular exercise is a better option than lifting weights, but doing both isn’t a bad idea at all.
  9. Tell friends and family of your decision to quit. This will automatically give you a support network that may be able to help you in your most trying times and failing to quit might put your BIG mouth to shame. Besides, friends and family members that continue to smoke will with a bit of luck avoid smoking around you, thereby minimizing the chances of you being tempted enough to start smoking all over again.
  10. At the beginnings and for a few weeks at least, stay away from places and situations that will tempt you to smoke. Many people relate smoking with drinking alcohol, so it may be a good idea to stay away from drinking if you are such a person.

Stay focused YOU CAN DO IT! Each day that you win the fight is a step to success and don’t be too hard on yourself if you relapse. No one is perfect and smoking is one of the nastiest habits to break. Use a relapse as an opportunity to examine the reasons for smoking again, and figure out a way to deal with such situations better in the future.

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